Sometimes it isn’t what it is


From Hoodwinked:

Dear Coach, I think my girlfriend is cheating on me.  I don’t have any definitive proof, but she’s been sending a lot of mixed signals lately that I find hard to read.  Any advice?

From the Playbook:  

In situations like this you need to look past the signals you are getting to the signals your girlfriend doesn’t want you to see. Say you’ve got plans to meet your girlfriend for a romantic dinner and she shows up with another guy. Your first impulse might be to opt for an all-out blitz, especially when the guy orders the most expensive thing on the menu and sticks you with the tab. But what if it isn’t what it is? What if your girlfriend is a Brazilian supermodel and the mouth-breather is her hairdresser? Maybe your girlfriend is trying to tell you this but she’s talking in Brazilian. You need more signals before you can react to this formation, and to get those signals you need access to her diary, her answering machine and her personal e-mail. She might throw a flag if she finds you digging through her trash but the fact is that everyone does it and the rules are easy to misinterpret. If this happens, you just apologize, pay your fine and buy a longer telephoto lens.

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