One Christmas list you don’t want to be on


From TalkDirty2MeBret:

Hey Bill – 

You’ve always seemed to use “your guys” for coaches when putting together a team. Sure some don’t work out but they have all been your peeps with one exception: Dante Scarnecchia.

Dante has worked for past (horrible) Patriots regimes of Dick McPherson and Pete Carroll. Why did you hire/keep him? Does he have naked photo’s of you and Jon Bon Jovi or something?


Bret Michaels

From the Playbook:

It’s no big secret that Dante is connected…to the Ron Meyer coaching tree, which also produced Jim Mora and Rod Rust. He spends his off days in the North End — he’s got a lot of family down there. At 64 he’s like a Godfather to these young offensive lineman: it wouldn’t be a stretch to call him the don of my coaching staff. I’d say more about Dante but he likes to keep a low profile. Every Christmas when we review his contract he always asks if I want a Sicilian necktie. I hope that answers your question. 


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