Chiefs of what?


From: SPioli@KCC

Hey Bill – 

It’s been a few years so we can now objectively evaluate your first draft class without me (2009):

2nd round – Darius Butler – Cut!
3rd round – Brandon Tate – Cut!
3rd round – Tyrone McKenzie – Cut!
4th round – Rich Ohrnberger – Out for the year already. Has only played in 5 games!

I’d go on but you then drafted a guy named Bussey and I’m all out of Gary Busey jokes.

Miss me yet?

Scott Pioli

From the Playbook:

How are things working out for you over there in Kansas City, Scott? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss you, Romeo and Matt — probably about as much as you guys miss winning. On a personal note, are we going to see you and Dallas around here over the holidays or are you spending Christmas with the in-laws as usual? Must be hard to buy presents for Parcells, year after year. The one time I bought him a gift he threatened to roast my nuts over an open fire.

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