Only a moron spills the injury report


From Babs@Babson:

My boyfriend dumped me last summer and since then he keeps calling and texting me “just to see how I’m doing.” Does this mean he wants to get back together?



From the Playbook:

 I wouldn’t count on it, Babs. He’s probably just trying to find out if and when you’re getting back in the game. Remember: you are under no obligation to reveal the extent of your injuries. If he presses the issue here’s how I want you to handle it:

Him: How’s it going, Babs? I heard you were crying at the bar the other night.

Babs: You’d have to ask the bartender about that.

Him: I would but it was a salad bar. Someone said you got the sneeze guard all wet.

Babs: I’m not really comfortable getting into a public diagnosis.

Him: Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it? It sounds like you’re not really over me yet.

Babs: Everybody’s a little banged up this time of year.

Him: Can you be a little more specific?

Babs: I’ve had a little soreness. I don’t think it’s life-threatening.

Him: So when are you going to put yourself back out there? I’ve moved on and so should you.

Babs: It’s day to day.


Babs: Is that what you’re looking for?



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