I’m not afraid.


From CuriousJorge03:

Hey Coach,

Jusr read an article in a Bay Area newspaper that quotes Raiders owner Al Davis on the Randy Moss trade. He says, “That’s a mistake I made. I let it happen, The coach wanted to trade him. (Moss) scared him: all coaches are scared of him.” Made me curious to know — did you trade Moss because you were scared of him? And if so, what is the scariest thing about him? 

From the Playbook:

You can say a lot of things about me as a coach, and I’m sure you do. But one thing you’ll never say is that I’m scared of Randy Moss. Do I want him sleeping in my garage, like he has been lately? I’m not saying that. You can ask him about that — I’m sure he’d say the same thing. I’m not sure what Al was talking about there but if people are scared of Randy it might be because his arms are as long as his legs and he’s a really enthusiastic hugger.

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