Stop whining about your girlfriend: there will never be another Troy Brown.


Troy Brown could teach your girlfriend a few things about versatility

From Hoodwinked:

Dear Coach,

I’ve been looking through my girlfriend’s trash like you told me to, and now I’m convinced that she’s not only cheating on me but also bisexual. You can’t believe the stuff I found in there. Now I need to know how to confront her with information I could only know if I’d been digging through her trash. I feel like you’re in this with me because you said I needed to read the signals she didn’t want me to see. What’s the next step?

From the Playbook:

You’re talking about bisexuality like it’s a bad thing. But a girlfriend who can play both sides of the field could be an asset in the long run — just think of Troy Brown. He could catch, he could tackle, he could block, he could return punts…he was the ultimate team player. Stop worrying about your girlfriend’s infidelities and start thinking about Troy Brown. That’s what I do whenever I’m not getting the results I want in all three phases of the game.

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