Anwar Al Awlaki: Out for the season.


From Red White & Confused in Malden:

Dear Bill –

Been reading the papers about this Al-Alwaki business.  Since when does America kill traitors? 

Best regards, Robert E. Lee

From the Playbook:

I don’t know al-Awlaki from souvlaki, which is a Greek sport similar to jai alai. But when it comes to situational game-planning, what you want to do is find what they do best and take it away from them. Against the Cowboys this week that would be Jason Witten. Against Al Qaeda and other groups like that, that would be terrorists. Take away the terrorists, and what’s Al Qaeda going to beat you with? Those bombs don’t blow up all by themselves. The only difference between football and foreign diplomacy is that I’ll take Witten out of the game by double-covering him, while Obama took al Awlaki out with a drone missile. 

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