Trade down for more value in the dating game.


From Single in Leominster:

Dear Coach,

What’s a good strategy for picking dates on and other online dating sites? I’ve been burned a few times and I could use some championship-caliber advice.



From the Playbook:

You go on these sites, and you see a few girls who look like supermodels. They’ve got Ivy League degrees and great jobs, they love to cook and give backrubs, they clock 4:25 in the 40 — you name it. Everybody wants to date these people. If someone like that agrees to go out with you, you need to show up in a chauffeured limo with a jacuzzi full of champagne on the roof, just for starters. That’s why the best move is to trade down. You can get two — maybe three — promising unknowns for the price of one inflated trophy date. Just because everyone overlooked these girls in college doesn’t mean they can’t become contributors in your dating rotation. Take it from me — you don’t want tio blow a first-round pick on eye candy when you could be trading down for a pair of solid team players.

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