Scaling back on the decorations this year.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.16.46 PM

Caroling around the Gronk is a Foxboro tradition.

From Duane on the Cape:

Hi Coach!

I’m your #1 fan and a big Christmas guy so I’m wondering if you have any seasonal habits or traditions you can share with Patriots Nation? I noticed you’ve been slacking on the advice column lately and I hope that’s because you’ve been kicking back with the family, having an awesome holiday!



From the Playbook:

Christmas is a great holiday. It’s a lot like Halloween, but it’s colder and the sacks are filled with presents instead of candy. You’ve got the candy canes, the indoor tree, the blinking lights and those socks my assistant nails to the mantel while I’m watching game film of every team we could potentially face in the playoffs. Now that the kids are grown I’ve scaled back on the decorations. Bunch of wreaths and those icicle lights, a couple inflatable Santas. Once we had a creche out front and Parcells stole our Jesus. You don’t want to know what he left in there instead. That’s one Christmas I’d rather forget. But a great holiday, thanks for reminding me. I’ll enjoy it for awhile and move on to Buffalo.

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