Snax for backs: It’s a game-time decision.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.43.27 PM

Regrettably, “Beast Mode” doesn’t come in a bag.

From Framingham Phil:

Hey Coach,

I’ve noticed our running game has been pretty inconsistent through this season and was wondering if part of the problem could be low blood sugar. Have you ever watched game film of the Seahawks and seen the kind of production they get out of Marshawn Lynch when they reward him with Skittles? We could use a little Beast Mode in the playoffs and maybe candy would do the trick.

From the Playbook:

Our Nutrition Coach is way ahead of you, Phil.  We installed a Skittles dispenser on the sideline the week after Lynch’s 67-yard TD in last year’s playoffs. Unfortunately none of our backs has a sweet tooth so we’ve had to provide situational snacks depending on the coverages we’re facing and the schemes we’re running at any given point. If it’s a draw for Kevin Faulk we go with Laffy Taffy. If Ridley runs in a reverse we have the mascot serve him a rare steak. Danny Woodhead is 60% more likely to break the plane if you have a ripe Brie waiting for him in the end zone. And BenJarvus Green-Ellis has a stipulation in his contract that says he won’t take the field unless someone offers him a Cobb Salad after every score. It’s been a learning process, but hopefully we’re hitting our stride in time for the post-season. As the Seahawks found out last year, it takes more than one Beast to get to the second round of the playoffs.

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