There will be blood.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 3.21.06 PM

Hopefully we can hold him to Aggravated Assault.

From GronkFan in Gloucester:

Hey Coach,

Most of the media coverage has been about Suggs and Reed, but I still think Ray Lewis will be the difference maker in this game. Could you talk a little bit about the skills Lewis brings to the table and how you’re planning on limiting his impact tomorrow?

From the Playbook:

Sure. I have a lot of respect for Ray Lewis. He’s a smart, instinctive player and he performs at a high level. He’s a proven threat in the killing game — only O.J. Simpson is in his class when it comes to stabbing people without getting incarcerated. We’re going to have our hands full making sure Lewis doesn’t ice anyone today. It’s his last chance to get in sniffing distance of another Super Bowl and he’s going to bring all his weapons. Shivs, pocketknives, handguns — we’ve had a week of preparation to get ready for all of it. We’ll go no-huddle, two tight-end to protect Tom from strangulation, suffocation, bricks, you name it. We’ve installed extra metal detectors in the guest locker room and equipped the Minutemen with real bullets and the authority to make a citizens’ arrest. Matt Light will be carrying mace and Tom will be wearing Kevlar. Even with all that, there’s always a chance that old Crazy Eyes will find a way to commit manslaughter without facing hard time. So we have to be prepared to win with the players we have, even if they have to step over the bloody corpses of the starters to do it.

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