Bridget 2; Brazil 0.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 2.59.56 PM

My record stands for itself.


Hi Coach!  I know you’re probably deep into the All 22 footage trying to figure out how to stop a guy from catching a football against the side of his head, so I thought I’d write to recommend you take a break and download the movie “Serendipity”.  It’s about a really cool, together, beautiful all American woman who is engaged to a man-child who dumps her to run off with a flaky foreigner.  What kind of asshole does that?  TTFN, Bridget M.

From the Playbook:

Haven’t seen you since we got our rings for Super Bowl XXXIX. Come to think of it, we won two Super Bowls when you and Tom were dating and lost the one we played right after you broke up. That was before Tom started wearing Uggs and buying zip codes in Los Angeles. His new wife doesn’t speak much English and when she comes to games she’s always screaming at Tom to “kick it in the net.” She calls Deion Branch “Ronaldinho.” We all miss having you around.

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