It’s all about the accessories.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 2.53.53 PM

Suits are for losers. Rings are for winners.


What are you going to wear at the Super Bowl?  You wore a red cut-off hoodie for the last Super Bowl, looked like crap,  and got beat by the Giants…but you still look like crap in the gray one and will probably still loose to the G-Men, so you might as well demonstrate some sartorial splendor while you’re getting whipped. Doesn’t Kraft pay you enough money to be able to buy a nice outfit…perhaps a fedora like Tom Landry, with a handsome overcoat like Vince Lombardi…or some Muggs like your pretty-boy QB…how does Linda let you out of the house to be in front of 2 billion people looking like a horse’s ass?  Stop by the store and I will show you how to dress like a man.

Joseph Abboud

From the Playbook:

That’ll be a game-time decision, and it’s not one I plan to share with the official designer of the NFL Coaches’ Club. Since I’m the only coach not in that club, I guess that means you’re responsible for Rex Ryan’s sweater vests and Andy Reid’s Hawaiian shirts. I think it’s a little too early to start working on their busts for Best Dressed Coach. So I’ll leave the sartorial splendor to those guys and focus on the accessories, like a sixth Super Bowl ring. Besides, even if I show up in a naugahyde Snuggi® next Sunday I’ll be looking better than the cryogenically preserved specimen on the other sideline.

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