That’s not what we’re looking for.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.47.28 AM

You’re much better off with the chicken fries.

Name: J Smith
Hi Bill!  Thanks so much for responding to my earlier question about chicken and waffles.  Your PB&J recipe might just save my marriage!  LOL!  Hey, the other day I was in a motel in Pennsylvania Dutch Country watching NFL Network when a commercial came on for something called Chicken Fries.  Imagine that, right after we were talking about chicken!  Weird, right?  So, what do you suppose those are made from, chicken or potatoes or both?  Later!

From In Bill You Trust:

What is it with you and Pennsylvania Dutch Country? I’m no Dr. Phil, but it seems like you steering clear of the Lancaster TraveLodge might do more for your marriage than my PB& J. Magic Fingers, Steve Mariucci, crop circles, neck beards: that’s not what she’s looking for. But you’re on the right track with the chicken fries. I’ve seen the film on that and it doesn’t get much better than a bunch of chicken parts shaped like french fries. It’s an appetizer, it’s a breakfast, it’s a snack, it’s a beverage if you chew it enough. It’s the Troy Brown of fast foods. So stay away from the Amish and focus on the chicken fries, all right J? Your wife will thank me for it.

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