Good luck in the CFL.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.33.29 PM

You’d think he’d keep a can opener in that kilt of his.

Name: Eric Mangini

Dear Bill, You have to help me get out of here.  I’m in a meeting with Tomsula yesterday, and he can’t open a pickle jar, so he loosens the cap by bashing it against his head.  How many times do I have to apologize?  Eric

From In Bill You Trust

That reminds me of the time Parcells lit a weasel on fire and set it loose in the coaches’ racquetball court at Giants Stadium. This was after my defensive scheme was credited for winning the Giants’ 1986 NFC championship game. I thought we were meeting to play, but instead he opened the door and yelled.”Hey genius! Let’s see you come up with a game plan for this!” Next thing I know there’s a burning weasel in the room and Parcells is outside laughing in the window. It must have taken me about 40, 45 minutes to put the thing out, tame it, and talk it into chewing a hole in the wall to get us out of there. By then Parcells was long gone and next time I saw him it was business as usual on the sidelines. I’ve still got the burns and the bite marks, but I’d hate to think where I’d be if I’d whined about it. Does that answer your question?

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