Supreme Greens may not cure cancer, but it won’t make you stupid either.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 12.56.22 AM

Organ harvesting is a problem most fall guys won’t help you with.

Name: Chris

Uncle Coach – Look, don’t say anything to my Dad cause I don’t want the lecture—stay outta Chinatown when you’re doping blah blah blah—but I was out in Chinatown last night getting high and next thing ya know I wake up this morning in a bathtub filled with ice.  And my kidney is gone!  You think Guerrero is behind this?  Chris

From In Bill You Trust:

Good to hear from you Chris. Sorry for your loss, but I’m not sure I follow your logic on this. If you woke up next to a supermodel with 4 Super Bowl rings on your hand, you’d have every reason to point the finger at Guerrero. But let’s face it: this isn’t the first run of bad luck you’ve had in Boston and it’s not even the first time you’ve lost an organ under forgettable circumstances. So do me a favor and take me off your emergency contacts list if you’re going to get wasted in Chinatown.

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