Home for the holidays?

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I was waving like crazy but you never looked up!

From: TheReal81@straightcashhomey.com


Did you see me watching you on the treadmill Thanksgiving night? I was out in the parking lot on a ladder but homeys from security didn’t recognize old 81 without the jersey on. Anyway I got my cleats in the car case you need me. Looked like that game plan you were working on could use someone to split the defense like we used to do. Nothing against the crew you got but a short guy on crutches and Butterfingers LaFell ain’t gonna hold up out there in Denver.

From: In Bill You Trust

I thought that was you, Randy. Thanks for leaving those chicken waffles on the hood of the Volvo: the vending machines are always empty on Thanksgiving. Next time you’re snapping photos through the window turn off the flash though, all right? I pulled a quad falling off the treadmill.