Resolutions are for losers.

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Bonkers loves playing dead in the driveway.


Happy New Year Coach.

Any interesting New Year’s Resolutions for 2012?

From the Playbook:

Nothing that would really jump out at you. I’d like to exercise a little more, improve my golf game. Got to take Bonkers, my capybara to the vet. ┬áHe’s been sleeping for a long time in the same position and I can’t tell if he’s dead or just hibernating. On a personal note, I should probably ask Randy Moss to stop living in my garage. But overall I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions. I take it year to year, and what I did last year has no effect on the year I’m going to have next year. But Happy New Year anyway, and thanks for writing in.

Biggest distractions between the lines


From BleedingPatsBlue85:

Hi Coach!

I saw your comment today about on-field distractions becoming commonplace in today’s NFL and I was just wondering: what is the biggest distraction you can remember in your career as a head coach?

From the Playbook:

That’s a tough one. Probably the time the Beach Boys streaked onto the field being chased by a pack of dogs. They weren’t even big or intimidating dogs — a few of them had sweaters on, which is more than you could say for the Beach Boys. That’s not what you’re looking for, especially on Monday Night Football. Another time my capybara, Bonkers, got loose and gnawed a crop circle into the endzone during a Welker punt return. Things like that can really foul up your momentum but you have to execute even if it means tackling a fat man in a g-string.