Nothing to cheer about in Jersey



Hey Billie…Wassup? I wasnt gonna rite yu butt I am soooo waisted and I just luv U!! Dump that Linda and come visit me when U play the JeTS. I am yur biggist fan and the #1 Beli-Chick!! 

Do u no that I was born in Chili ? I am very exoctic Billie and will treet u rite…..



From the Playbook:

That would be an interesting match-up. I might have a little size and spelling ability on you, you’ve probably got a little quickness on me. Unfortunately the only thing I can cheer on the Jersey Shore is the National Anthem. But if you lost the heels you’d make a good prom date for Woodhead. Let’s talk after the game in November.

100% wrong as usual


From: ArmCandy@NFLToday:

Hey Bill-

When are we going to get hitched? Since you don’t communicate through the press and football season has started and you are holed up in the ‘Patriots Bunker’ for the next 6th months, I’m not hearing much from you anymore.

Are we still an item? If not I need to find me another Sugar-Daddy ASAP…..


Linda Holiday

From the Playbook:

Nice try, Casserly. I wonder what your girlfriend looks like.