Never heard of him.


Who’s that guy with Ocho Uno?

From Looking4Ocho:

Dame named Johnson hired me to find a man who goes by the name Eighty-Five in Mexican, said you may have some answers.

 — Sam Spade

From the Playbook:

Sorry Sam,

There was a guy with that name catching balls on our team back in August, but once the regular season started he disappeared. You might check around on Tweeter, though. I’ve heard there’s a lot of noise coming from there with that name on it.

Ocho no-no

From @chadochocinco:


Now that I’ve doubled my production on the field, I’m looking ahead to my first TD celebration. How can I express myself without getting Bruschi on my case?

In my playbook,



From the Playbook:

You should get excited after you make a play, but not so excited that you hide sombreros in the endzone. If you roll the tape you’ll see that we encourage players to express themselves after putting points on the board. As long as you choose one of the following approved victory celebrations you should be fine:

Handing the ball to the official

The gentleman’s handshake, as seen above

High-fiving Pat Patriot mascot

Pointing at Derrick Mason, then at the scoreboard

Saluting Minutemen on sidelines

The Gillette Leap, demonstrated here

Dancing on opposing team’s insignia, preferably if LaDainian Tomlinson is on the opposing team