I like Macaques.

From Whistleblower1@comcast.net:

I recently saw a picture of the FBI’s third Most Wanted Terrorist and I couldn’t help but notice that the guy is a dead ringer for your tight end, Aaron Hernandez. This terrorist is a militant vegan wanted for blowing up businesses that are associated with animal testing. Is it possible that these activities could have slipped through the cracks on the scouting report? I mean, look at these pictures and tell me they’re not the same guy:


Wanted terrorist Daniel Andreas San Diego


Match-up problem Aaron Hernandez


A Concerned Citizen

From the Playbook:

Can’t a guy shave his head, be Hispanic and love animals without getting Homeland Security involved? As long as Hernandez is averaging 10 catches a game his politics are none of my business. And there are a lot worse habits than keeping rescued Macaques in your locker. Just ask Julian Edelman.