Who knew Bud Light Lime came in an 18-pack?


From T-Bone in Tampa:

I hope you can settle a bet.  My friend says that if a Harbaugh smacked you in the back you’d punch him in the face.  I say, you’d have to pull Welker off him first.  Help me out, Bill, there’s an 18 pack of Bud Light Lime riding on this!

From the Playbook:

It all comes down to the situation. If we beat the Ravens without any brain injuries to our starters, John Harbaugh can slap me on the ass for all I care. If the 49ers hand us our first loss of the season and Jim Harbaugh so much as breathes on me, I’ll have my assistant Klaus take him down with a taser and trample his prone body as we jog off the field.