End of an era


From tfrancona@bostonredsox.mlb.com:

Dear Bill.

Thanks for your call. It’s been a pretty bad couple of days. I’ll miss your visits to the dugout down in Fort Myers. It was always good talking strategy with you, even though I’m not sure you ever got that I coach baseball, not jai alai. I appreciate the Bon Jovi tickets, and after the smoke clears I’ll take you up on that offer of a fishing trip on the Five Rings. Maybe we can ram John Henry’s boat, the Two Rings, ha ha.

Out of here,


From the Playbook:

You got a raw deal, Terry. Those morons stuck you with a locker room full of Adalius Thomases and expected you to pull a rabbit out of the hat. I’m sure it’s no comfort to you now, but my understanding of it is that jai alai isn’t a very popular sport in general. Something about the goatskin balls — people get squeamish. I had Berj look into it and he says that it’s still pretty big down in Orlando. With your record I bet you can hook up with a squad — or a fronton — down there in no time. 

Don’t be a stranger,


One Christmas list you don’t want to be on


From TalkDirty2MeBret:

Hey Bill – 

You’ve always seemed to use “your guys” for coaches when putting together a team. Sure some don’t work out but they have all been your peeps with one exception: Dante Scarnecchia.

Dante has worked for past (horrible) Patriots regimes of Dick McPherson and Pete Carroll. Why did you hire/keep him? Does he have naked photo’s of you and Jon Bon Jovi or something?


Bret Michaels

From the Playbook:

It’s no big secret that Dante is connected…to the Ron Meyer coaching tree, which also produced Jim Mora and Rod Rust. He spends his off days in the North End — he’s got a lot of family down there. At 64 he’s like a Godfather to these young offensive lineman: it wouldn’t be a stretch to call him the don of my coaching staff. I’d say more about Dante but he likes to keep a low profile. Every Christmas when we review his contract he always asks if I want a Sicilian necktie. I hope that answers your question.