Jah Redskins a failure, Snyder whines.


Rastafarians can perform at a high level, but they eventually become uncoachable.

From The Other D. Snyder:

Dear Coach,

I thought bringing in a hardass like Shanahan would make the Redskins more of a model organization like the Patriots, but somehow we ended up with a squad full of potheads and malcontents. What gives? I spend and spend and I still end up sucking Kraft’s exhaust.

Sick of it,


From the Playbook:

I wouldn’t blame Mike on this one. Rastafarianism is a big problem in the league. It’s hard to detect in a scouting interview — these guys don’t always wear rainbow-colored hats and listen to Bob Marley. If they bring their own snacks to the meeting, they’re either diabetic or Rastafarian. A good trick is to ask them about something you said 5 minutes ago. If they can’t remember it, or they remember it completely wrong, they’re either Rastafarian or Vince Young. Rastafarians can be great locker room leaders, but when it comes to the field they’re playing from a different playbook. And there are only so many times you can get Tedy Bruschi to submit urine samples for you. Just ask Randy Moss.

Hey Hey Hey.


It is what it is.

From the desk of Mike Shanahan:

Bill. ¬†Thought you should know that Haynesworth was here last weekend, shopping your playbook to anyone who’d listen. It hardly seems possible, but he looked even fatter and less motivated than he was when he sat on our bench for $35.6 million. Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. Let’s grab a steak after the game.


From the Playbook:

Appreciate the tip, Mike. As I see it, the only part of our operation Haynesworth is qualified to spread rumors¬†about is the cafeteria. So unless he tells you we’re running the Wildcat with a ham hock and some mashed potatoes, you can be pretty sure he’s at least 85% wrong. But on to the steak — Bobby Van’s?