It’s always good to see former assistants.


From: Baffled in Boston:

Hey Bill –

I heard Mangini on a Boston sports radio show this AM (the day after the Pat’s big win in Miami) and he said he “didn’t mean” for the spygate thing to go as far as it did. He said that if he knew it was going to go that far, he wouldn’t have done it.

Any idea on how to translate this nonsense?????

From the Playbook:

Now that you mention it, I saw Eric at Gillette Stadium yesterday.  He always drops by when he’s in town to make sure his key still doesn’t work. It was nice to see him. I wish him the very best in his new career as a studio analyst for ESPN. I’d have shaken his hand but I was holding two cups of coffee so I just laughed at him through the security glass. I hope he took it in the manner in which it was intended.