About chimichangas: breakfast of champions?


From AllstonStreetBrian18:

Hi Bill,

Quick question for you:

Since it’s well known that you love chimichangas and you’re also widely considered one of — if not the — greatest modern coaches in the NFL, would you say an appreciation for chimichangas is required if one were to want to become an NFL head coach?

Su amigo,

I’m not getting any younger, so don’t make we wait long for this answer.


From the Playbook:

That’s an accurate statement, Brian: I have been known to enjoy numerous chimichangas over the course of my coaching career. Whether it’s going to be beef, chicken or just beans, that’s a game-time decision. The great thing about chimichangas is that they slip right into the sweatshirt pocket — I’ve got a foil liner in there — so I can snack during timeouts and penalty calls…the challenge flag makes a great napkin. People wonder what I was thinking at Alltel Stadium in ’05, when some asshole decided to dump icy Gatorade on me and my Dad. Dad did his best to protect the pocket, but the first thought that came to mind for both of us was, “You morons ruined a perfectly good chimichanga!” The second thought was, “Maybe it could be reheated if we get it to the microwave soon enough.” And the third thought was probably, “Hey, we just won the Super Bowl for the third time in four years!”