No one puts Brady in a corner.


You don’t step on Superman’s Uggs.


Saw the game Sunday, and I thought I’d send an internets mail to let you know I’m still in the business of punching offensive coordinators who get out of line. Call me up on my walkin around phone if you need me.


PS I’m the guy who yelled to Rex that you’re a damn sight better than he is.

From the Playbook:

That means a lot coming from you, Buddy, Gilbride had it coming for that moronic play call you clocked him for. If you’d swung a little harder maybe the whole league wouldn’t be running the Chuck & Duck offense right now. Anyway, Bill O’Brien was right to call Tom on that interception but if you’ve ever seen how Brian Hoyer plays you’ll understand why I had to step in when I did.

Man Uggs


From Ellie and Hazel Flufer:

Hi Coach,

Great game last night! You guys chopped the tails right off of those Dolphins. Great job!

Sorry, we didn’t mean to offend anyone in regards to the Dolphin comment. We love Dolphins.

We just wanted to comment on Brady’s performance last night. He looked awesome! But we do have one concern, now that Brady is going to be wearing Man Uggs on and off the field, how do you think that will affect his passing game?

We love you Bill!

The Flufers


From the Playbook:

The short answer to your question is that if Brady is going to throw 517 yards a game he can wear lederhosen and a Shriner fez to meetings for all I care. The long answer is that Tom is very competitive in everything that he does, and that includes goatholding. Tom is the US leader in goatholding for three years running, and now he’s trying to up his stats in the heavily contested sheep-wearing arena. He’s very serious about it. He even wears a fleece jock. His uniform is 100% wool. He’s a very cozy guy to be around — You saw the Dolphins’ Cameron Wake trying to cuddle him last night. Even the Stetson deal is related: the cologne makes sheep want to be around him, and before they know it he’s wearing them as mittens. So if Tom Brady asks you to go to an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch or Scotland or anywhere else where there might be a lot of sheep in close proximity, be sure to bring your lint brush and some nose plugs: that Stetson is the reason I’m always congested at post-game press conferences.